About Us

About Us

Our Story

Green Practices came into existence with the vision below To educate citizens on Eco Friendly Lifestyle.To motivate citizens to embrace a green culture.To show them the way by being a One Stop Shop for all Eco Friendly Products and Services.To encourage green entrepreneurs.We dont know how far we will go. We just want to follow our hearts. Come join the Movement if you love your city. Yours Sincerely, mee Mumbaikar.


To have a society where people connect to nature and follow sustainable practices for the upkeep of their health and the environment.


1. To provide products and services for sustainable and healthy lifestyles that make less use of the earth’s resources.
2. To set up a network of independent eco-friendly businesses that share resources and support each other.
3. To source and develop alternative eco-friendly products and services that are practical and fulfill common customer needs.
4. To promote local development of such products and services.

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