Why should you prefer Green practices Eco Friendly Ganesha

Why Eco Friendly Ganesha

Why Eco Friendly Ganesha?

Our Eco Friendly Ganesha Idols are made from natural clay that will dissolve in 45 mins. Our Idols are painted with water colours which are 100% safe for marine life.
Does Not Pollute Natural Sources

Does Not Pollute Natural Sources

They keep the water pure and healthy, POP Idols steeply rise the concentration of heavy metals, dissolved solids, and acid content, and a drop in dissolved oxygen.
Can we do Ganesha Visarjan at home

Can we do Ganesha Visarjan at home?

Yes, you can do visarjan at home. Take a clean bucket and fill it with water. Immerse your idol into it and leave it for few hours. It will completely dissolve
Harmful effects of POP Idols

Harmful effects of POP Idols

PoP’s reaction with water is exothermic, it releases heat when in contact with water having a very harmful effect on aquatic life.

Green Ganesha, Gracious Ganesha

Protecting Mother Earth Is Everyone's Responsibility. This Chaturthi opt for Green Practices’sGanesha Idols that dissolve in water in 45 mins to 4 hours and doesn’t harm our marine life or pollute our oceans.

Lets contribute to Save the Planet

Lets make Mother earth Green and alive again by celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in an Eco Friendly manner. The Idols at Green Practices are made of Shadu Mati and Paper Mache. They are 100% eco friendly, Easily dissolvable, decorated with Natural colours and have a wide range of Attractive Idols.


People always
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We are taking small steps to make Earth a better planet. At Green Practices we offer sustainable alternative products and services that won’t harm our planet or our skin.


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