Compost Microbes

  • Pack = 1 kg
  • Frequency of use = Once or twice a week

This organic culture of micro-organisms makes composting faster. The ability to act on lignin prevents lump formation, reduces stench because it creates air spaces. It is a more effective as compared to the conventional composting accelerators that act only on the cellulose portion of the waste. 

For Kitchen waste = Use one teaspoon every 7 days directly on top of pile. Mix into a moist pile for best results. If your pile is too dry, mix microbes in water and add.

For Dried Leaves = These microbes are also great for leaf composting in our leaf composters. Wet your pile of dried leaves or grass. Add 2 tablespoons in 1 litre water and spray the pile once in 4-7 days.

If there are patches of discolouration, it does not mean the pack is damaged, it is a sign of a good quality accelerator.

₹ 250 /Kg


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