Gobble Junior


Gobble Junior

Gobble Junior is good for a family of 2-3 people which generate around 500 gms of kitchen waste daily.

Its popular because its portable

    • Ideal for apartments, tight spaces
    • Family of 1 to 3 = 1 Gobble Junior
    • 500 gm waste/day = 1 Gobble Junior
    • Additional = 1 Chomp
    • Dimensions = 255 mm dia x 915 mm height

This small stack composter is designed for small families of 2 to 3 people or persons living alone. It can handle about half a kilo of waste everyday and is very light and easy to shift around. Fits into tight spaces. Layer your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily for smell free and fool proof composting. If you are using Remix, you do not need to stir daily. Comes with a instruction sheet on how to use. Wipe the water that condenses on the underside of the lid to avoid flies. Wipe off any tiny eggs that are laid on the inside of the lid or the units. Using the correct amount of Remix Powder ensures that you have smell free composting.

  • Reaches you conveniently on your doorstep.
  • Ideal for individual homes to compost in flats, apartments and tight spaces.
  • Comes with a pair of gloves and 2 kg of Remix to begin composting right away.
  • Family of 1-3 is equal to 1 Gobble Junior and 1 Chomp to manage waste comfortably for life. (Yes this can hold your daily waste everyday, for years to come, organic waste reduces in volume by 80%).
  • Every installed Gobble Junior keeps about 15 kgs of waste from landfill / month (180 kgs / year).
  • Layer your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily for smell free and fool proof composting.
  • For outdoor use only. For use on a balcony, terrace or garden.
  • Requires a sheltered area away from direct rain.
  • Holes in the breathers regulates moisture and airflow optimally.
  • Harvest compost every time the base unit is full (about every 6 weeks).
  • Rodent proof.
  • Its modular design makes replacement of parts simple and cost effective.
  • Refer video for how it works, comes with an instruction sheet.
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