Leave It Pot Tiny (Set)


Leave It Pot Tiny (Set)

These tiny versatile pots can be used for composting and as stores for maturing done compost. Perfect for people who have space and do not like lifting weights!

Product: Leave It Pot Tiny (Set)

Price: 2300 Composter

Kit: Rs 3400 (Composter 2300, 5 Kg Compost Mix 250, Accessories (Rake, Glove & Rake) 250, Demonstation 300  and Delivery 300 in Mumbai)

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  • Ideal for row composting in independent homes/ compost storage container
  • Family of 1 to 3 = 3 Leave it Pot (Tiny)
  • 500 gm waste/day = 3 Leave it Pot (Tiny)
  • Dimensions = 15″ dia x 14″ height

These cute Tiny leave it pots can be used as row composters in homes with very little outdoor space. Line them up and start layering your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily, filling one pot at a time. Your first pot should be ready for harvesting by the time your last pot is full. Tiny leave it pots are also great for maturing or storing compost. Elderly folks who cannot lift the Stack composter units, prefer row composting in these tiny row units. Layer your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily for smell free and fool proof composting. You do not need to stir daily if you are using Remix Powder. Comes with a handbook on how to use.


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  • Ideal for individual homes to compost in flats, apartments and tight spaces.
  • Family of 1 – 3 is equal to 3 leave it pots (Tiny) to manage waste comfortably for life. (Yes this can hold your daily waste everyday, for years to come, organic waste reduces in volume by 80%).
  • Every installed Leave It Tiny Kambha Set keeps about 15 kgs of waste from landfill / month (360 kgs / year).
  • Layer your kitchen waste with Compost Mix daily for smell free and fool proof composting.
  • For outdoor use only. For use on a balcony, terrace or garden.
  • Requires a sheltered area away from direct rain (or use our Kambha raincoat large).
  • Holes in the surface and porosity of terracotta regulates moisture and airflow optimally.
  • Harvest compost every time the base unit is full (about every 6 weeks).
  • Rodent proof.
  • Handcrafted terracotta, made by artisan communities.
  • Its modular design makes replacement of parts simple and cost effective.
  • Refer video for how it works, comes with a handbook.

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