12″ Round Plate (pack of 20)

12″ Round Plates (pack of 20)
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12″ Round Plate (pack of 20)

Attractive leaf plates made from naturally shed leaves of the Areca Nut Palm Tree. The beauty of this is that the entire process uses no chemicals or waxes. These are an eco-friendly alternative to thermocol and plastic products, especially during parties or get-together of any sort

Our plates are:

• Biodegradable and compostable

• Certified as food safe

• Pathogen and Microbes Free

• Light weight and firm

• Good for hot food and soup

• Oven safe up to 200° C.

• Microwave save up to 780W

• 100% Natural

• 100% chemical free

• 100% Biodegradable

• Generates village level employment

• Reduces carbon foot print

• Cost Effective and ease of disposal

• Efficient and user friendly for catering


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