Pooja Rangoli Khambha


Pooja Rangoli Khambha

A composter that keeps the flowers you offer in your worship separate and produces great compost. Fulfil your religious sentiment and also save this wonderful fragrant resource

Ideal for flowers and prayer offerings

200 gm flowers/day = 1 Rangoli Pooja

Dimensions = 14″ dia x 28″ height

Traditionally pooja flowers were not mixed with kitchen waste, they were added to the Tulsi plant instead. Our Rangoli composter helps you create great compost for your tulsi plant while keeping your pooja flowers separate. Just add flowers, leaves and even the thread and sprinkle water daily. Once a week add some microbes mixed with some water to create “Holy” compost! Since there is no smell, you can keep it in the Prayer Room if you like. Comes with a handbook on how to use.

Delivery in 2 days Rs 300 Mumbai

Please buy along with microbes, demo at home available




  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ideal for composting pooja flowers, stalks and thread.
  • Simply add pooja flowers and sprinkle water daily.
  • Add a teaspoon of microbes mixed in water once a week to speed up decomposition.
  • Every installed Rangoli Pooja keeps about 3 kgs of flowers and offerings from landfill / month (36 kgs / year).
  • Holes in the surface and porosity of terracotta regulates moisture and airflow optimally.
  • Depending on how much flowers you use for your daily pooja ritual you may need 2 Rangoli Pooja’s. Fill one and then the next.
  • Harvest compost every time the base unit is full (every 8 to 12 weeks).
  • Rodent proof.
  • Handcrafted terracotta, made by artisan communities.
  • Its modular design makes replacement of parts simple and cost effective.
  • Refer video for how it works! Comes with a handbook on how to use.

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