Remix Bin


Remix Bin

A handy plastic bin composter, designed to fit in your busy lifestyle. Begin composting in this and later put in a Leave it Pot for maturation. Has holes for aeration and a tap to drain the leechate.
  • Ideal for tight spaces, lighter to lift
  • Family of 4 to 5 = 1 Remix Bin 2 Small Leave it Pots
The Remix Deluxe bin is a plastic bucket with aeration holes. This was designed for folks with no outdoor space and no balcony – we were determined to make sure composting is still possible! Layer wet waste with remix power in this bin everyday and empty it into a terracotta pot (on your terrace or basement) twice a week. The bin can be kept under our sink or in the utility. Make sure you add Remix Powder to it daily. Comes with a instruction sheet and do see the film.


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  • Place in the utility or under the counter.
  • Use the tap at the bottom to drain any excess liquid once every few days.
  • This water is good for plants (diluted) or to clear drains as it introduces micro-organisms that break down organic matter.
  • Light to lift and fits into your busy lifestyle.

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