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She Cup

“When I first heard about the menstrual cup many moons ago, my initial reaction was ‘oh gross I would never’ and then last month I ordered one. A couple of my friends had been singing its praises and since I’ve always wished for a better alternative to nasty sanitary pads and tampons, I thought it was time to give it a shot. I hate the general discomfort from having synthetic materials in and around my privates, both pads and tampons get expensive quickly, and above all, both are an environmental disaster right from production to disposal.

So I received my Shecup in the mail, and used it during my last period. I tested it rigorously. I attended two weddings, got on two flights, and took one overnight bus during my period and it fared fantastically.

All my fears were unconfirmed. It wasn’t as messy as I was afraid it would be, nor was it difficult to use. The menstrual cup works by creating a seal inside the vagina and collecting blood instead of absorbing it. Made from surgical grade silicone, it was soft, easy to insert once I learned how and extremely forgettable (in a good way).

The cup holds up to 8 hours flow even on heavy days, and up to twelve towards the end of your period so you only need to empty it, rinse it and reinsert it a couple of times each day. All you need is access to running water (which Indian toilets have no shortage of). If you’re a heavy bleeder or you suffer from clotting, I couldn’t recommend it more.

The menstrual cup is also extremely safe to use. It’s devoid of fragrances, rayon, bleach and other chemicals. It doesn’t cause nappy rash or soreness. Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is not a side effect.

Best of all, it’s very eco friendly. Using a menstrual cup will keep 10000 pads and tampons out of landfills and the ocean for every woman out there. (This statistic blows my mind.) A nice bonus is that it will always be handy so there’s no need for late night chemist runs” testimonial by a user, if you have queries please call me Mana 91 9930224454, I have been a user of the cup for years now



Why should I use the She Cup?

Health & Safety

  • Shecup is made of high grade non-toxic non-allergic silicone, hence there is no risk of infections or vaginitis
  • Silicone is inert and smooth thus there are no problems like rashes or irritation
  • Shecup is a passive product, it only collects the menstrual discharge and does not interfere with the natural normal functioning and cleaning process of the vagina
  • Shecup can be worn for long hours without any health hazards like TSS
  • Shecup is the only menstrual sanitary protection which can be sterilised
  • Shecup has been tested to comply with the most stringent international norms for the following
    • Acute System Toxicity
    • Intracutaneous Toxicity
    • Implantation Test


Hygiene/ Cleaniliness

  • Since made of silicone, can be sterilised, making it completely hygienic
  • Shecup wipes are provided to clean and disinfect Shecup before and after usage



  • Shecup is reusable, hence there is no inconvenience of carrying or storing bulky products or disposing used ones
  • It can be worn for 12 hours or more without any problems, as it can hold up to a quarter of the average monthly menstrual discharge (The usage time will vary in case of women with heavy flow)
  • It can be worn safely for the whole night



  • Shecup leaves no room for any leakage and hence no risk of stains
  • It allows the user to wear the clothes as desired since worn inside the body
  • It allows the user to take up extreme physical activities and also swimming as it is non-absorbent



  • Shecup is reusable and can last lifetime if used properly as instructed, thereby avoiding any recurring cost



  • On an average a woman uses 10,000 – 12,000 pads/tampons in her lifetime
  • 12,000 pads means approximately 250 cubic feet of landfill
  • 1 pad takes hundreds of years to decompose since not easily bio degradable
  • The manufacturing process of pads/tampons adds to pollution and also results in the depletion of natural resources like wood
  • Shecup is reusable and recyclable hence there is no waste adding to environmental hazards


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