19'' Shivrekar Feta (DO)

Because Protecting Mother Earth Is Everyone's Responsibility.

This year Ganesh Chaturti is on the 19th September 2023

Our Paper Mache Ganesh idols are eco-friendly as they are made out of recycled paper


10 times stronger than clay and mud idols 

Even stronger than plaster of paris idols, almost unbreakable


Very light weight 

The two feet eco-friendly Idol normally weigh over 20 kgs, whereas our two feet paper mache Idol weighs just about 2.25 kgs


Easy to courier all India and internationally

Because of how strong and light they are, its very easy and affordable to courier our idols anywhere


Home Visarjan

100% dissolves at home, just soak the idol over night and by morning it will be completely dissolved 


Home Delivery

National or international delivery of idols.

We offer home delivery, we start home delivery from first week of August as per your location.   


Murthi’s made of POP lie in our rivers and ocean for months and pollute our waters and marine life. These toxins come back into our bodies through the food chain. They reduce the oxygen life giving properties of the water. The government has also banned them this year. 

All the plastic decorations can be recycled ♻  by us Please make the effort to wefast them to us after the visarjan and we will ensure they are recycled making it a truly eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

Please call on 9082664356 or 9930224454

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Sameera Patel


I'm captivated by the intricate details of this Ganesh idol. It's a visual treat and adds grace to my home.

Gaurika Joshi


The idol's intricate carvings and delicate features were a testament to the artist's talent.

Keshav Verma


The idol was made from durable materials, ensuring it would last for years to come. The design was thoughtfully created, capturing the essence of Lord Ganesha and evoking a sense of devotion.

Keshav Verma


I appreciate the eco-friendly approach in creating this Ganesh idol. It's a step towards a greener future.

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