Gobble Max

Gobble Max is easy to use, aesthetic, innovative, community composting products that will not fail because of loss of power or breakdown of moving parts. These first of a kind product is designed keeping in mind the composition of Indian waste and behaviour. It is ergonomically designed for ease of filling and harvesting of done compost. No need to harvest the full contents, can continue to add waste while harvesting in batches.

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  • Ideal for small apartments, flats, institutions
  • 5-6 Families = 1 Gobble Max + Accessories
  • 6 kg waste/day = 1 Gobble Max + Accessories
  • Additional = Storing of Compost Bins
  • Ideal for composting in small flats, apartments and institutions.
  • Outdoor product, for use on terrace or outdoor location.
  • Every Gobble Max keeps 75 kgs away from landfill / month - thats 900 kgs or 0.99 tons every year.
  • Start with one and add units as required.
  • Requires no electricity to run.
  • The patented design uses heat generated during composting to create air flow and controls bad odour.
  • Labour saving. Contents do not need to be mixed, stirred or shifted.
  • This design uses less Remix Powder than most hot pile composters in the market.
  • Ergonomic design ensures easy harvesting of compost.
  • Heart of the Gobble Max is made from 304 grade Stainless Steel.
  • This is contained in a HDPE 240 liter container on wheels and hence can be conveniently rolled out.
  • Rodent proof.
  • To be used with Remix powder which will be supplied at a bulk cost effective rate.
  • Harvest when full so that you can continue to add waste on top - less than 20 days.

Abhinav Sharma


The eco-friendly Ganesh idol is a masterpiece. It's a beautiful reminder of our connection with nature and our responsibility to protect it.

Yuvraj Kapoor


The elegance of this Ganesh murti is unmatched. It's a symbol of grace and wisdom.

Karuna Kapoor


The eco-friendly Ganesha idol I chose for Ganesh Chaturthi beautifully combined tradition and sustainability.

Naina Nagpal


The idol's design and proportions were appealing, and it held a significant presence during our prayers and rituals.

Naina Nagpal


The attention to detail in this Ganesh murti is impressive. It's a symbol of devotion and spirituality.

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