Gobble Senior Kit

The 4 tier stackable Gobble Senior home compost bin is ideal if you are a home with 3-4 members. Lightweight and easy to lift and shift, this composter can handle upto 1kg of kitchen waste daily. And when you pair it with a Chomp, you can manage your kitchen waste for life!

Many of us who live in cities have tight living spaces and the Gobble Senior is designed just for that. You can get it door delivered and start right away - clean India from your home!

Directions for use

Layer daily kitchen waste with Remix Powder for smell-free composting

Fill one unit at a time.

Wipe any moisture that condenses on the underside of the lid to avoid flies.

Harvest when bottom unit is full (about 45 days from start).

Watch video and read included instruction sheet for more

Dimensions   : Total 42'' H x 12'' Dia | Unit 10'' H

Capacity        : 1 kg kitchen waste daily | 18 litres per unit

Material         : Food grade plastic

Ideal for         : Family of 3-4 persons

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