Remix powder 3kg

Remix Powder is our magic mix, guaranteed to help you get home composting right in one try! It absorbs extra water, provides air gaps for circulation and keeps away any foul odour. It also hastens the process of decomposition. Made of cocopeat, microbes and mature compost, making Remix Powder is a labour-intensive process. We do it so you can save time! Making this Remix Powder involves breaking up blocks of cocopeat with the addition of water. The resultant moist powder is then fully sun-dried before mixing with microbes and compost in the right proportion. This is then packed for your use. Moist cocopeat is not as effective in aerobic home composting.

Directions for use 

  • Layer wet kitchen waste with 3-4 handfuls of Remix Powder everyday
  • No waste should be visible, this helps control fruit flies
  • No need for daily stirring
  • This 3kg bag of Remix Powder should last you about 3-4 weeks

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