Solar Energy

Go Solar offers a complete commercial solar energy management solution

We strongly believe in the sun’s potential to significantly address the problems associated with power obtained from non-renewable sources of energy. It is with this passion that we aim to work and provide solar solutions to our customers. Quality has always been of utmost priority for us, and with this drive we challenge ourselves to provide the same in the most cost effective manner. We recognize the importance of every step taken towards building a greener and safer future. By harnessing the inexhaustible energy of the sun, we offer efficient and advanced solutions for energy requirements for today and tomorrow.

With our in-house engineering and construction teams, we strive to leverage our technical experience and industry know-how to develop the most cost-effective and energy efficient PV solar plants for our customers. We provide end-to-end solutions including complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for our customers seeking to build solar power plants in India and also operation and maintenance services throughout the lifetime of the project. Our expertise and experience gathered from executing solar PV plants across India hold us in good stead to provide world-class project management services that provides the shortest gestation time-period to complete our projects without any compromise on the quality.

We assist customers seeking to use solar power right from the planning stage through the entire operational life of the project. This includes providing our customers with a complete financial return and cash flow analysis of the solar power project including providing of advisory services that help customers navigate all government policy issues, tax benefits, subsidies and regulatory approvals to successfully install Solar photovoltaic plants.


Why Solar?
  • Solar reduces your electricity bills.
  • It improves the value of your property.
  • Unused power puts you in credit.
  • It reduces your carbon footprint.

Our Services :



Advisory Services

Project Services

Project feasibility study

Planning & Liasoning

Project execution support



On-grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Project Services

Off-grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Hybrid Rooftop Solar Power Plant



Approvals & Liasoning

Plant Design & Engineering

Procurement Management

Construction Services

Post Commissioning Management (O&M)



Preventive Maintenance

Condition Based Monitoring

Corrective Maintenance

Breakdown Maintenance


Work Flow Site Evaluation:

Site analysis is the first step toward ensuring a well performing solar-power plant.
Engineering/Design: We have our engineering and design team to assess the site evaluation and design asuitable plant with respect to engineering feasibility and commercial feasibility.
Permission: We complete all the prerequisites and approvals required for plant erection.
Procurement: We have tie up with national and international Solar products manufacturing establishments to avail price and quality benefits.
Construction: Installation of panels structure, inverters and balance of system is done according to design.
Commissioning: All required testing and desired output is tested and checked as per design.
Operation & Maintenance: From experience in the electrical and solar industries, we have developed the most comprehensive and cost effective Solar PV O&M.



Plant Capacity: 28 Kwp

No. of Systems: 2

Yearly production: 42000 Kwh

Yearly Co2 offset: 35.85 MT

Investment recovery period: 3.5 years



Plant Capacity: 150 Kwp

Why Us?

Premium quality products: The solar energy products like solar panels and inverters that we offer are of premium quality, and come with best in class performance and warranty features.
Hassle free installation: We provide end-to-end solution and hassle free installation, taking care of all aspects of project execution, including liaising and operation & maintenance services.
Long term reliability: Our technical expertise, use of premium equipment & unwavering focus on quality ensures that our Solar PV plant perform reliably during it’s operating life of 25 years.
Aesthetic solutions: Our team of experts not only take care of the structural requirement but also ensures that the Solar PV system blends into its surroundings.
Strong after sales support: Our comprehensive Operation & Maintenance contract, ensures that we are never too far when you need us.