Waste Management Mumbai

In Mumbai, from several years we are witnessing that there’s been a frequent change in climate. The improper Waste Management has resulted in being one of the most severe factors in change of climatic conditions. This is mainly caused due to the waste getting accumulated in landfills.
Stop Waste getting accumulated on landfills.

So here are 10 ways using which Mumbai can manage waste to improvise the environmental conditions:

Segregating Waste
You can start managing your Waste from your home. All you have to do is separate your waste into wet waste and dry waste, so that it becomes uncomplicated for the Waste management workers in separating the trash. By doing such practice at a home level you can contribute towards Mumbai Waste Management.

Using waste disposal bags
Mumbai is much familiar with the floods caused due to logging of water in water bodies. The plastic plays a major role in this scenario. It gets chocked up in the sewage system and becomes one of the major for such severe flood. Our goal is to stop using the plastic bags.
This can be implemented at a home level. Instead of using regular plastic bags, the use of Biodegradable plastic bags  can be often helpful because unlike the regular plastic bags, these bags are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or any other living organisms.

Installing composter in societies for Waste Management
In Mumbai, there are approximately 50,000 total number of societies. Each society on an average generates around 140 kg of organic waste, 20 kg of dry non-biodegradable waste and 5 kg of biomedical waste per day.
The majority of waste is organic, which mainly consists of veggies scraps, flower waste, food waste, etc. So here the Composter plays an important role in converting organic waste into valuable compost.

You can recycle your old stuffs such as toys, electronics and many household materials. We can sell it to the rag picker, which proves to be an income generating factor for them.

Awareness to children at an early age.
As this global concern of improper waste accumulation on landfills is getting worse day by day, Mother Nature is fading. Hence, it’s becoming a reason for deteriorating mother nature. Children are our future, so it’s the need of the hour to educate them about the hazardous ill effects of waste and the ways to manage it.

Make the citizens aware about their roles and responsibilities
The Corporators of each ward of the city must schedule and organize certain programs and events that should make the citizens more aware about this severe concern of improper waste management in Mumbai.

At our home level we can reuse many things like old clothes, wooden materials, plastic, glass materials, etc. Thus by doing this, we can make the optimum use of these materials.

Outsourcing the waste collection of societies to a service provider
For the Society Waste Management in Mumbai, we should consider a service provider who,
• Picks up all your society’s segregated waste (wet & dry) daily 365 days a year in Mumbai
• Takes it to their premises and compost it and sell it to farmers and sell the paper, plastic, metal and glass to rag-pickers
• At a minimum cost per flat per month, you can now rest assure that only 10% of your waste will land up in a landfill.

Selling e-Waste
As of now, one of the major type of waste is e-Waste. E-Waste is basically electronic waste which consists of all the electronic gadgets, which are used by us. This segment of waste compulsorily needs to be recycled so that we can keep our world green by reducing the number of e-wastes.

Make sure that you are making minimal wastage daily. By utilizing waste in a proper manner in household level, you can reduce the waste.

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