Waste Management

Waste Management

Are you aware of the new law by MPCB regarding Waste Management in Mumbai?

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) will be lodging cases against office bearers of large housing societies for not treating their wet waste and hampering the process of Waste Management in Mumbai. This will be followed by asking the local bodies to cut the water supply by 20 percent. The housing societies with more than 2 lakh square feet, which require condition clearances, must isolate and treat wet waste by changing over it into compost.

Why prefer us  ?

We are one of the leading waste management companies in India based in Mumbai. We have expertise in Wet Waste Management, which is converting wet wastes into compost and thereby providing the farmers with the organic fertilizers which is best for farming.

We are proud to be a leading service provider in waste management. We contribute our major role in Mumbai Waste Management thus helping nature retain its shape.

Waste management Services in Mumbai

Our role in Society Waste Management in Mumbai.

Mumbai generates 7500 MT of garbage daily. Landfills all over the world generate methane gas and are responsible for 25% of the greenhouse gases
Already in Maharashtra alone 60,000 people have committed suicide due to droughts in some areas, floods in others being the main reasons. Climate change affects the water level.

Mumbai is the second coastal city in the world (after Kolkata) at risk to be swallowed by rising sea levels due the ice melting all over our planet and it is melting at a fast pace.

We can no longer ignore this issue, dumping our mixed waste into landfills is no longer a sustainable practice. The BMC has already made it mandatory to segregate our waste into food and non food.

Want to help keep your food waste out of landfills but don’t have the time or the space for composting?

Count on us for the Society Waste Management in Mumbai.
• We pick up all your society’s segregated waste (wet & dry) daily 365 days a year in Mumbai
• We take it to our premises and compost it and sell it to farmers and sell the paper, plastic, metal and glass to rag-pickers
• For just Rs 250 – 350 per flat per month depending on the no. of flats and location, you can now rest assured that only 10% of your waste will land up in a landfill, minimum 100 flat.

Our Mission

The reason for adding up waste management projects in our services is because it’s the need of the hour to reduce, reuse and recycle and contribute towards waste management in India.

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