Annexure 1
White Goods IT Material Electricals Miscellaneous
Refrigerator Laptops Fans Electrical Fittings
Dish Washer LCD Monitors Irons Chargeable Toys
Microwave LED Monitors Chargers Batteries
Air Conditioner Servers Wires Mosquito Repellents
Juicer/ Mixer Tablets Cables Racquets
Blender Data Cards Newspaper Modems
Hot Plate CPU's Paper Panel Boards / Switches
Washing Machine Stabilizers House-Hold Plastics Keyboard / Mouse
Television Set Mother Boards   Glass Bottles
Coffee Machine Hard Disk   Clay Idols
Geyser RAM's   Extension Cords
Cooler Cell Phones   Remote Controls
Water Dispenser SIM's   Land Lines
CRT Monitors Metal Utensils   Wooden Artefacts
Tread mills     VCR/VCP
Home Theatre     Speakers
Printers     Projectors
Scanners     Digital Cameras / Clocks
Compressors     Soiled Clothes / Mattress
Vacuum Cleaners     Furniture / Carpets
Rs.4/Kg Rs. 24/Kg Rs. 6/Kg Rs.3/Kg
For Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Community & Commercial Centres, Industrial Units
Sr. No. Material Rate / Kg
1. Aluminum Scrap 60
2. Copper Scrap 385
3. Pet bottles 14
4. Plastic HDPE Scrap 32
5. Plastic LDPE Scrap 40.5
6. Plastic ABS Scrap 28
7. Plastic PP 12.5
8. Plastic PVC 18
9. Iron Scrap 18
10. SS Scrap(304) 68
11. SS Scrap(316) 105
12. Scrapped Machinery 30
13. Scrapped Automobiles 14
All rates will be valid for 90 days and bulk quantities only (8 cubic meter or Minimum 2MT). Site visit/ inspection will be mandatory prior to finalizing the rates. Chemical / Hazardous Waste (post testing): Disposal Charges at actual will be charged to the industry and Rs. 750 / MT will be paid to Rotary.