Zero Waste Community

We have a customized services to suit the necessities of Society. We give total responsibility of the waste collected, upheld by manageability report and dashboard uphold

  1. Seamless pickup: Professional, planned, bother free, helpful, doorstep get.
  2. Maintainability and Utilization Certificates: We send quarterly reasonable and use report.
  3. Zero Waste to landfills : Green Practices guarantee all your waste get decayed or reused and zero waste goes to landfills.


How much waste can be added in community composter daily?

One pair of community poster is idol 20-25 homes or 18 kgs of wet waste per day.

What are the dimensions of Community Composter?

The Community composter is 42 inches dia x 38″ height.

Is the Home composter User friendly?

Our composter is a product that your housekeeping staff are happy to use, your kids are keen to interact with and your neighbours will envy.

What Can we put into the composter?

Your daily wet waste can be added in the composter.

What if we have a problem using Community composter?

The Aagas are easy to use, aesthetic, innovative, community composting products that will not fail because of loss of power or breakdown of moving parts. Even if you face any issue, our team will be ready to help you.

Where can we place the community composter

You can install it on terraces, open spaces and near the entrance.

How do we install the community composters?

We provide a intensive hands on training for community members and housekeeping staff to ensure buy-in and smooth functioning

Enquiry form for waste pickup

(Rs.200 – Rs.300 per flat per month + GST)