Zero Waste Home

Think waste-free living is depriving, time consuming, costly, or simply reserved for hermits living in the India ? Think again! Green Practices offer waste management platform for Households and Small & Medium Enterprises. We also provide a customized recycling services larger housing societies.

  1. Seamless pickup: Scheduled, hassle-free, convenient, doorstep pick up.
  2. Zero Waste to landfills : Green Practices ensure all your waste get decomposed or recycled and zero waste goes to landfills.
  3. Responsiveness: Any issues, we’re just a call away.


What can we put in our Home Composter?

You can add food scraps, leftover food, egg shells, flowers, leaves and twigs from your garden, chicken bones and meat, fruit peels and waste.

Is there a foul smell from the Home Composter?

Layer your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily for smell free and fool proof composting.

What are the dimensions of Home Composter?

The Khamba is 11″ dia x 33″ height

How much waste can be added daily?

Approx.  1kg waste per day can be added daily.

Is the Home Composter portable?

Yes, the khamba is designed in such a way that Fits into tight spaces, and is easy to lift and shift the units around.

What if I have a problem with using Home Composter?

Our team will be ready to help you when you need. Keep calm and compost!

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(200 – 300 Rs per flat per month + GST)