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Welcome to Green Practices!

Hi! I’m Mana. Ever since I saw the movie ‘inconvenient truth’ by former Vice President Al Gore I wanted to do something about global warming and climate change.

I am a mother of two and I worry what kind of world we are handing over to our children.

After working in my family business for over 20 years I got an opportunity to put into action this desire to do something about climate change and not just worry about it

Green Practices is my attempt to fight climate change or at least to reduce its effect on future generations

Here we offer sustainable alternative products and services that won’t harm our planet or our skin

Our main products currently are our Ganpati idols, organic holi Colours, leaf plates, menstrual products, biodegradable plastic bags and our home and community composters

So join us in this effort to leave some liveable earth for our kids!!!

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Buy eco friendly products at our stall at Nature Bazaar on 13th, 14th and 15th April at Don Bosco School, Matunga East

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